Smith American Bail Bonds! How To Post Bond! Bail Bonds 2019!

When Posting Bail or Bond in Indianapolis or the state of Indiana the first step is to contact Smith American Bail Bonds. When you have contacted Smith American Bail Bonds a Bail Bondsman will assist you and gather the defendant’s information. Once the Bondsman has collected the defendant’s information he will run his or her alias through the jail inmate or Indianapolis Jail inmate search or database. Once the bondsman has collected all information from the database he or she then will meet with you to start the Bail process. The person that meets with the bondsman and signs the paper work and agreement will be known as the indemnitor. Once all paperwork has been processed the Bondsman will go to the jail to post Bond.

Qualifications of surety

Sec. 4. Every surety for the release of a person on bail shall be

Qualified as:

(1) An insurer as defined and meeting the qualifications

prescribed in IC 27-1-5-1, and represented by a bail agent as

defined in and meeting the qualifications prescribed in this

article; or

(2) a person who:

(A) has reached the age of eighteen (18) years;

(B) is a citizen of the United States;

(C) has been a bona fide resident of Indiana for at least one

(1) year immediately preceding the execution of the bond

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