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Smith American Bonds is the best in the business when it comes to felony bail bonds for Marion County Indiana and the entire state of Indiana. Smith American Bail Bonds has a five-star rating on Google. Don't hesitate to contact Smith American Bail Bonds for all your bail bonding needs when it comes to felony bonds. We have listed a Marion County Indiana bail bonding schedule below that was listed by the city of Indianapolis.

Marion Superior Court Bail Schedule


This Provisional Bail Schedule shall apply to all defendants arrested outright in Marion County. This schedule shall not apply to those cases where a judicial officer already has issued a warrant with a predetermined bail.


(a) General Provisions

i. Individuals who are booked in on a Major Felony outright arrest are not permitted to post bond until the case has been submitted to the Initial Hearing Court for a probable cause determination and the bond has been set by a Judicial Officer.

ii. Pursuant to I.C. § 35-38-8-6.5, the court may not release a person on bail for at least twenty-four (24) hours from the time of the person’s arrest if the person is arrested for one (1) or more of the following offenses committed against a family or household member: (1) A crime of domestic violence (as described in I.C. § 35-31.5-2-78). (2) Battery (I.C. § 35-42-2-1). (3) Domestic battery (I.C. § 35-42-2-1.3). (4) Aggravated battery (I.C. § 35-42-2-1.5). (5) Strangulation (I.C. § 35-42-2-9). (6) Rape (I.C. § 35-42-4-1). (7) Sexual battery (I.C. § 35-42-4-8). (8) Invasion of privacy (I.C. § 35-46-1-15.1). (9) Criminal stalking (I.C. § 35-45-10-5). (10) Criminal recklessness (I.C. § 35-42-2-2). (11) Criminal confinement (I.C. § 35-42-3-3). (12) Burglary (I.C. § 35-43-2-1). (13) Residential Entry (I.C. § 35-43-2-1)

iii. Bail amounts set pursuant to this schedule shall be based upon the lead charge brought against the defendant. No bail amount set pursuant to this schedule shall exceed $200,000.

(b) Bail Amounts

Murder No Bail

Class A Felony - $50,000 Surety

Level 1 Felony - $50,000 Surety

Level 2 Felony - $50,000 Surety

Class B Felony - $20,000 Surety

Level 3 Felony - $20,000 Surety

Level 4 Felony - $20,000 Surety Class C Felony $7,500 Surety

Level 5 Felony - $7,500 Surety

Domestic Violence:

Class C Felony - $25,000 Surety

Level 5 Felony - $25,000 Surety

(c) Enhancements: The bail schedule amounts shall double for each of the following circumstances applying to the defendant:

1. The defendant is not a Marion County resident,

2. The crime alleged involves a deadly weapon or serious bodily injury,

3. The defendant has two or more alleged victims,

4. The defendant has two or more prior felony convictions,

5. The defendant has two or more failures to appear,

6. The defendant has ten or more prior arrests (not including public intoxication arrests). This category shall double for each additional 10 arrests a defendant has.

7. The defendant has been arrested for an offense while on probation, parole, bond or released on the person’s own recognizance for another offense.

NOTE: Enhancements do not pertain to class “C” felony or level 5 felony Domestic Violence offenses.

(d) Filed Cases. Bond set and release provisions ordered from the Initial Hearing Court may be altered by the Housing Court at the time the formal charges are filed.

(e) Child Molesting, Child Solicitation, and Sexually Violent Predator Cases No bail will be issued until the trial court has conducted a bail hearing for a person who is charged with Child Molesting (I.C. § 35-42-4-3) or Child Solicitation (I.C. § 35-42-4-6); No bail will be issued until the trial court has conducted a bail hearing for a person who has been determined to be a sexually violent predator defendant as defined in I.C. § 35-33-8-3.5. The Initial Hearing Court Judicial Officer shall set such cases for a bail hearing in the appropriate court no later than 48 hours after the person has been arrested or at the earliest possible setting if exigent circumstances prevent holding the hearing within 48 hours.

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