Bail Bonds!!! Top Rated!!! 8% Bail Bonds!!! 100% Guaranteed!!! 24 Hours!!! 317-531-5447!!!

Smith American Bail Bonds

Best Rated!!! 100% Guaranteed!!!

Smith American Bail Bonds

Best Rated!!! 100% Guaranteed!!!

8902 Otis Avenue Suite 123 A

Indianapolis, IN, 46216

55 S State Ave Suite #355

Indianapolis, IN 46201

Smith American Bail Bonds is located in the city of Indianapolis and also resides in the city of Lawrence of Indianapolis. Smith American Bail Bonds offers eight percent bail, transfer bonds, out of state bonds. Today Smith American Bail Bonds is very dedicated to serving those in need of bail and getting them back home to their loved ones. Smith American Bail Bonds is known to many and has a very strong presence and positive reputation in the community when it comes to bail. Today Smith American Bail Bonds is the only bail agency in the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana with a Five-Star Rating and over 60 positive customer reviews on google. When you are in need of bail just call this agency.

Customer Reviews

Ronald Dorsey ~

“ This bail bond agency is great. They kept in touch with me throughout this whole bail process and up until my relatives release. Smith American Bail Bonds treated us with respect and was very honest. I must say that Smith American bail Bonds has to be the best bail bond agency in the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana. To anyone who is in need of bail service please contact this agency they are the best and will take care of your bail bond need. “

Latonya Collier, Telling It Like It Is ~

" On 3/28/2018 around 10 p.m. I began my search for a bail bondsman in order to get my daughter out of the Marion County Jail. I must have called at least 15 bail bonds companies before I reached Mr. Smith, I was frustrated and upset. The fact that he answered his phone was a relief, along with is professional personality. It was around 2:30 a.m. when we set up a meeting in front of the City County building, most of the paper work was already completed and by the time I'd finished my portion and made the easy payment by 3 a.m. my daughter's bond was paid. I didn't expect her to be released until late afternoon or early evening, it was a shock when I got a call from her at 4:27 a.m. saying that she needed to be picked up. I am so pleased with this company that I will not call another one of those bail bonds companies that claim to be 24 hours (NOT!!!) They didn't even return messages that I left them the next day. They've been in business far to long and need to be replaced with more dependable companies like Mr. Smith's (who answers his phone in the middle of the night and doesn't send it to voice mail pretending to be with other clients). I commend this company and will let all of my family, friends, and business associates know what a reliable company they truly are. As for the other fake bail bond companies who really do not care about people, stop the false advertisement of being a 24 hour company and do us all a favor by taking lessons from Mr. Smith's company. "

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Best Rated!!! Bail Bonds!!! 100% Guaranteed!!! Best Rated!!! Bail Bonds!!! 100% Guaranteed!!!

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