Bail Bonds 2019!!! 8% Bail Bonds!!! Top Rated!!! 317-531-5447

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SMITH AMERICAN BAIL BONDS 8902 Otis Avenue Suite 123 A Indianapolis, IN, 46216

Smith American Bail Bonds is your premier bail bond agency. Smith American Bail Bonds and his bail bond colleagues are the best in this industry when it comes to the mid-west with a variety of skills such as customer service, fast and friendly service. This Bondsman who name is Bail Agent Brent Smith and who is the owner of Smith American makes a day to day effort on bringing love ones home. Smith American Bail Bonds their business by 20% so that disadvantaged families may be able to afford bail. Smith American Bail Bonds is looking forward to expanding to the Ohio region soon.

Bail Bond Process 1.) Contact Bondsman 2.) Bondsman will take your information and defendants info. 3.) Once all corrective info is collected bondsman will request to meet with client who is also known as indemnitor. 4.) Once bondsman meets with client he will provide you with the indemnitor and defendants application. All information must be filled out and reviewed upon approval. 5.) Bail Bondsman will then review application such as employment, residency, etc. 6.) Once approved bondsman will decide if you qualify for the 8% or 10% bond. 7.) After approval bail bondsman will collect the premium and the $5 dollar processing fee that goes to the clerks office. 8.) Once all premium is collected and client is approved the bail bondsman will travel to the clerks office to post the bond.

Note: Indiana does not allow bail bondsman to do payment plans.

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