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Henry County, Indiana Bail Bonds

"Henry County Bondsman"

Henry County Indiana Bail Bonds

Despite their convenience, getting bail bonds from a traditional bail bondsman isn’t always the most affordable option. When you or a loved one needs money for bail, you’ll want to look for cheap bail-bonding companies that help you out without breaking the bank. For those seeking affordable bail bonds, Henry County provider Smith American Bail Bonds will help you out in a pinch.


But what should you know about the bail bonding process? While it can be stressful for you or your loved one to be incarcerated, there’s hope out there if you know where to look. This article will explore everything you should know about bail bonds to prepare you should you need this service in the future.


What are Bail Bonds?


bail bond is an agreement that acts as a contract between three key parties: the criminal defendant, the judge, and the party responsible for the total bail amount. This system only exists in the United States and the Philippines; however, bail bonds are not practiced in some states, including the following:

  • Kentucky

  • Maine

  • Illinois

  • Massachusetts

  • Nebraska

  • Oregon

  • Wisconsin

  • Washington, DC


These bonds are provided by a bail bond company and are a type of surety bond, leaving one party contractually obligated to cover the bail amount.


What is a Surety Bond?


surety bond is a type of bond set by a judge that must be paid and processed by a bail bondsman or company. These bonds are 8 or 10 percent of the total bond ordered for a specific case. Surety bonds must be posted by a licensed bail agent. Following this, the bail bondman posts bail with the court on behalf of the criminal defendant. Surety bonds are non-refundable.


Surety bonds guarantee that a specific party will fulfill certain obligations according to a legally binding contract, making one party liable for another.


What is the Bail Bonding Process?


Before seeking cheap bail bonds, you must understand the bail bonding process. The bail bond process occurs in the following seven steps:

  1. A judge sets the surety bond.

  2. The individual contacts a bail bonding company like Smith American Bail Bonds

  3. The Indemnitor, or the party paying the surety bond, must be at least 18 and an authorized United States citizen. Non-US citizens must have a co-signer who is a citizen over 18.

  4. A bail bonds company will verify the required information, such as the incarcerated individual’s name, to guarantee the relevant charges and bond amount. The bail bond company can do this over the phone.

  5. Companies like Smith American Bail Bonds will have the responsible party come to an in-person location to post the surety bond. The responsible individual will also have the option to pay the bond through an online process.

  6. The responsible party will fill out paperwork and an indemnity agreement that makes them liable for the entire surety bond amount if the criminal defendant fails to appear in court. Surety bonds often require collateral and 10% or 8% bail bonds.

  7. After meeting with a bail agent, completing the necessary paperwork, and paying the bond amount, a bail bondsman posts the bond in the county jail where the criminal defendant resides to release them. After release, the defendant must contact the bail bond company within 48 hours to complete a defendant application. All defendants must check in weekly by phone.

Collateral in Bail Bonds


In situations where the collateral is necessary to secure bail, you will have several options for what to offer the bondsman. Common collateral items include stocks, bonds, credit cards/bank accounts, real estate, cars, jewelry, pawnable items, and homes/owned land.


Finding a Reliable Bail Bondsman


Reliable, 24-hour bail bonding at an affordable rate is hard to find. If you or a loved one winds up needing a bail bond, you must know how to find a reliable bondsman to ensure the process goes smoothly. 24-hour bail bonding companies like Smith American Bail Bonds provide the best bail bonds Henry County residents can find.


But what should you look for in a reliable bail bondsman? Consider some of the following.

  • 24/7 reliability: A reliable bail bonding company should be available for 24-hour bail bonding to help clients no matter the time of day. Because arrests are always happening no matter the hour, having a bondsman you can trust to be there around the clock is vital.

  • Reasonable pricing: Cheap bail bonds are hard to come across, but you don’t need to overspend if you choose a service like Smith American Bail Bonds. A reliable bail bond company values your security. Cheap bail bonds and 8% bail bonds are critical to avoid breaking the bank when helping a loved one.

  • Reputation: If a bail bonding company has a poor reputation, it’s wisest to avoid that service. Ensure that your bail bondsman has successfully helped several people throughout the bail process in the past. Bail bonding companies like Smith American Bail Bonds have an excellent reputation for handling bail bonds in Henry County, Indiana.

  • Flexibility: A trustworthy bail bondsman should provide flexible options to ensure you can navigate the process smoothly without any obstacles. For example, Smith American Bail Bonds ensures that individuals have various options to go through the bail bonding process, like paying the bond in person or online, depending on their circumstances.


Bail Bonds Near Me


Rather than searching for “bail bonds near me,” Henry County residents can consult the expert bail bonding services at Smith American Bail Bonds. Smith American Bail Bonds serves Henry County, Indiana, residents seeking bail for themselves or a loved one. While the bail bonding process can be stressful, knowing what to expect and working with a bondsman you can trust can make the process easier on yourself and your family.


Smith American Bail Bonds guarantee that you can help your loved one no matter the time of day or the situation. Contact the experts at Smith American Bail Bonds for instant help, or check out our content to find more information should you need our services in the future.


Bail Bonds Henry County Indiana Services

Bail Bonds in Henry County, Indiana are available from a trusted and reliable Henry county bondsman. Whether you need Surety Bail Bonds at 8% or 10%, or 24-Hour Bail Bonds that are cheap and fast, our bonding services are available on all holidays. We offer Bail Bonding Services for Domestic Violence, DUI, Felony, Misdemeanor, Firearm, and Serious Violent Felon cases. Our service is friendly and quick, and we also offer online bail bonding services.

Henry County Indiana Bail Bonding Cities And Towns

1.) Dunreith

2.) Greensboro

3.) Kennard

4.) Knightstown

5.) Lewisville

6.) Middletown

7.) Mooreland

8.) Mount Summit

9.) New Castle

10.) New Lisbon

11.) Shirley

12.) Spiceland

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