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Monroe County Indiana Bail Bonds

Smith American Bail Bonds Monroe County Bail Bonds

Are you or someone you know need bail bonds in Bloomington, Indiana, or anywhere else in the state? Look no further than Smith American Bail Bonds, the top bail bond agency in the area. Offering 24-hour bail bonding services, they are highly efficient in posting bail quickly. Plus, Smith American Bail Bonds offers 8% surety bail bonds if you live in Bloomington, Indiana.


The bail bond process with Smith American Bail Bonds is simple. All you need to do is call their licensed Indiana Bail Agent at 317-531-5447, who will collect the necessary information about the defendant, and contact the Monroe County Jail to collect all the required bail information to post bail. Once the bail agent has collected all the information from the jail, they will contact the defendant’s family or friend to begin the bond process paperwork. After completing the paperwork and collecting the 8% premium, the bail bondsman will travel to the Monroe County Jail to post the bond.


Smith American Bail Bonds also serves various zip code areas in Monroe County, Indiana. They offer bail bonds from 46151 to 47468.


Don't let the bail process stress you out—Trust Smith American Bail Bonds to provide fast, efficient, and reliable bail bond services. 

24 Hours & 7 Days A Week

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