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Smith American Bail Bonds Monroe County Bail Bonds
Monroe County Bail Bonds

Monroe County Jail Contact Number: (812) 349-2768

Smith American Bail Bonds is the top bail bond agency in Bloomington Indiana and throughout the state of Indiana. This bail bond agency is a 24 - hour bail bonding company. When posting bail this agency is very quick at getting the job done. If you reside in Bloomington Indiana Smith American Bail Bonds offers 8% surety bail bonds. If you reside in Monroe County, Indiana and need bail just call 317-531-5447


Bloomington, Indiana Bail Bond Process

  1. Call Smith American Bail Bonds 317-531-5447

  2. A Licensed Indiana Bail Agent will speak with you

  3. Bail Agent will request defendant’s information

  4. Bail Agent will contact the Monroe County Jail to collect all needed bail information to post bail.

  5. Once the bail agent has collected all defendant’s information from the Monroe county jail

he will then contact the defendant’s family or friend to meet and get the bond process paperwork started

   6. Once the bail bondsman meets with the defendants family or friend who is positing his or her bond and all paperwork is filled out and the 8% premium has been collected the bail bondsman will then travel to the Monroe county jail to post bond.


Monroe County, Indiana Bail Bond Service Zip Code Areas


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