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Smith American Bail Bonds 55 S State Suite 355

Smith American Bail Bonds


Location # 1

8902 Otis Avenue Suite 123 A

Indianapolis, IN, 46216


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55 S. State Avenue Suite # 355

Indianapolis, IN, 46201


Smith American Bail Otis Avenue

24 Hour Bail Bonds! Cheap Bail Bonds! Online Bail Bonds!

When in need of bail in the city of Indianapolis or the state of Indiana the first thing to do is contact Smith American Bail Bonds at 317-531-5447. When someone contacts a bail bondsman at Smith American Bail Bonds they will be greeted by a professional and friendly caring bondsman. When speaking with a bail bondsman at Smith American Bail Bonds they will explain the bail process and how surety bonds and cash bonds work when posting a bail bond. When a defendant is given a surety bond by the judge that means he or she is required to obtain a bail bondsman. Most clients are always looking to obtain a cheap bail bondsman and you will receive that type of service at Smith American Bail Bonds.


However, when it comes to a cheap bail bondsman Smith American Bail Bonds is the number one answer for all your bail bonding needs. When paying a surety bond Smith American Bail Bonds requires an 8% to 10% premium when paying a surety bond. When you meet with the bail bondsman the requirements are as follows you must be a United States Citizen, employed, valid state ID, have a U.S. address, must fill and sign a bail bond contract, and have two references. Once the bail bond contract is complete the client known as the Indemnitor is required to pay an 8% or 10% percent premium on the face value of the surety bond.  A five-dollar clerk jail fee is required to be paid to the clerk's office or jail of where the defendant resides when posting the surety bond. Once the defendant has been released after the bail bondsman has posted his or her bond,  he or she is required to contact his or her bail bondsman at Smith American Bail Bonds to schedule a meeting to discuss the defendant's terms and conditions on bail upon being released. Overall when it comes to all your friendly bail bonding needs just call Smith American Bail Bonds at 317-531-5447.

What is Bail Bonds?

Bail Bonds is a system implemented by the Supreme Court used to determine if a defendant can be released on a bond which has to be posted by a bail bondsman a bail bonding agency to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court while his or her case is pending. The judges use a bail matrix to determine if the defendant can be released on surety bail or cash bail based on whether he or she is a flight risk or a threat to the public and has a lengthy record.


If the judge sets a surety bond for the defendant that means that someone will have to go to a bail bondsman and pay a percentage of the bond on behalf of the defendant. In the state of Indiana when a judge has issued a surety bond that means 8% or 10% of the bond has to be paid for the defendant to be released. The individual who is also known as the indemnity is also responsible for the defendant to appear at all his or her court dates. The bail bondsman is also responsible as well to ensuring the defendant appears at all his or her court dates. In the event the defendant fails to appear in court the judge will issue the bail bonding agency an order to produce the defendant. An order to produce gives the bail bonding agency or bail enforcement agent (Bounty Hunter) to locate the defendant take him or her into custody and return them to the court. If the judge issues a cash bond that means that the bond has to be paid directly to the county clerk for the defendant's release.

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