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"What's the Difference Between Surety and Cash Bonds?

Bail Bonding
8% Bail Bonds

"Surety Bonds vs. Cash Bonds: the Key Differences"

Smith American Bail Bonds

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8902 Otis Avenue Suite 123A

Indianapolis, IN, 46216

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55 S. State Avenue, Suite 355

Indianapolis, IN, 46201

Surety Bonds & Cash Bonds

Smith American Bail Bonds is one of the most trusted bail bonding agencies in central Indiana and the state of Indiana. They have over 200 five-star Google customer reviews across both of their locations. The team at Smith American Bail Bonds understands how difficult and stressful it can be to have a loved one incarcerated. That's why they employ the best bail bondsmen in the entire state of Indiana and offer an 8 percent surety bail bond premium, which is more affordable than the 10 percent surety bail provided by most other bonding agencies. They are committed to helping families with financial struggles and cannot afford to pay 10 percent cash or surety bonds.

Smith American Bail Bonds offers the following rates for their 8% Surety Bonds:

1. $1,000,000.00 Surety – pay $80,000.00 dollars.

2. $500,000.00 Surety – pay $40,000.00 dollars.

3. $250,000.00 Surety – pay $20,000.00 dollars.

4. $200,000.00 Surety – pay $16,000.00 dollars.

5. $150,000.00 Surety – pay $12,000.00 dollars.

6. $100,000.00 Surety – pay $8,000.00 dollars.

7. $80,000.00 Surety – pay $6,400.00 dollars.

8. $75,000.00 Surety – pay $6,000.00 dollars.

9. $60,000.00 Surety – pay $4,800.00 dollars.

10. $50,000.00 Surety – pay $4,000.00 dollars.

11. $40,000.00 Surety – pay $3,200.00 dollars.

12. $30,000.00 Surety – pay $2,400.00 dollars.

13. $25,000.00 Surety – pay $2,000.00 dollars.

14. $20,000.00 Surety – pay $1,600.00 dollars.

15. $15,000.00 Surety – pay $1,200.00 dollars.

16. $10,000.00 Surety – pay 800.00 dollars.

17. $7,500.00 Surety – pay 600.00 dollars.

18. $5,000.00 Surety – pay 400.00 dollars.

19. $2,500.00 Surety – pay 200.00 dollars.

20. $1,000.00 Surety – pay $80.00.

What is a Surety Bond and How Does it Work?

A surety bond is not the same as typical insurance. Instead, it would be best to approach a licensed bail bondsman to pay a premium on a surety bond set by the judge for the defendant's release. The surety bond can only be posted by someone 18 years or older on behalf of the incarcerated individual. In some cases, if the bond is set too high or the defendant is considered a flight risk, the bondsman may request collateral to ensure that the defendant won't violate the bail bond conditions set by the court.

Surety Bail Collateral is often required to protect the surety bond company from potential loss. The surety bond company guarantees that the principal will perform the obligation for the obligee.

What is a Cash Bond? A cash bond requires the full bail amount to be paid to the court, which will hold onto the money until the criminal case ends. Cash bonds cannot be processed through a bail bondsman. You, your friends, or your family can post a cash bond.


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