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Can a cash bond be converted to a surety bond? Home For The Spring!

"Can you convert a cash bond to a surety bond? Ready to head home for the spring!"

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If someone gets arrested in Indiana, they will be seen by a judge to determine if they will be released at their recognition or if they will have to pay a cash or surety bond. If the judge sets a cash bond, the total amount must be paid directly to the jail and not to a bail bondsman. If the judge sets a surety bond, the bond can be paid to a licensed bail bonding agency.

You must pay 8% or 10% of the bond's face value for surety bonds, depending on the case. For example, if the bond is $50,000.00, you must pay a bail bondsman either $4,000.00 or $5,000.00.

You must pay the whole or 10% of the cash bond amount for cash bonds if the judge decides to set a 10% cash bond. For instance, if the bond is $50,000.00, you must pay the total amount. If the judge sets the bond to a $50,000.00 10% cash bond, you must pay $5,000.00.

If the cash bond set by the judge is too expensive for you to pay, you can request a bail review hearing through the defendant's attorney. It would help if you went through an attorney to switch a cash bond to a surety bond since a bail bondsman cannot do that.

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