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"Verify Bail Bondsman License: Expert Tips"

Verifying A Bail Bondsman
Avoiding Bail Bond Scams


"Unlocking the Secrets of Bail Bondsman Licensing: Insider Tips"

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 Smith American Bail Bonds, a trusted and licensed bail bonding agency in Indiana, has earned its reputation as the best in the state. With over two hundred customer five-star reviews across our locations, we understand our client's situations' seriousness and financial implications. When you need the assurance of dealing with a licensed and registered bail bonding agency, Smith American Bail Bonds is your first choice for security and peace of mind.

Verifying Bail Bondsman's Through the State Department Of Insurance

If you or someone you know needs a bail bonding agency to post a surety bond, and you're unsure if the agency is legitimate or licensed, there's no need to worry. Verifying a bail bondsman's license is a straightforward process. One way to do this is by contacting the State Department of Insurance, which oversees bail bonding agents and maintains a list of licensed bondsmen and agencies. This simple step can empower you to make informed decisions and avoid scams. 

Verifying Bail Bondsman's & Bail Bonding Companies through the Court Clerk's Office

Another way to avoid bail bonding fraud is to contact the county clerk to verify a bail bonds agency. In most states, when a bail bondsman posts a bond for a defendant, the bondsman must post his or her bond with the county clerk where the defendant resides. The county clerk should have a list of all licensed bail agents and bail bonding companies and should be able to verify whether the bondman you went through is licensed.

Verifying Bail Bondsman's & Bail Bonding Companies through the county jail

One way to verify a bail bondsman and bail bonding agency before you pay a surety bond is to contact the county jail where the defendant resides. In most states, a bail bondsman is required to post a surety bond with the county jail. If you are feeling sketchy about the bail bond agent you called or contacted, you can ask the county jail if that bail bondsman or bail bonding agency is licensed or registered with that county or state.

Tips On Avoiding Bail Bonding Scams

1.) Only sign a contract after verifying that the bail bondsman is licensed through the state.

2.) Avoid if a potential bail agent offers any diversion programs or gives any legal advice as if they are an attorney.

3.) Avoid Bail Bond impersonators charging interest. 


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