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Posting Bond With Arrest Warrant

If you have a warrant can you start your bail process with a bail bonding agency before surrendering to the court?

If an individual has an arrest warrant and a judge has attached a surety bond to the individual's arrest warrant, you can contact Smith American Bail Bonds to start an early process regarding the individual’s surety bond attached to an arrest warrant. If you need this service, Smith American Bail Bonds will request the defendant to come to their office along with the individual who will sign the bond and guarantee that the defendant will appear in court and properly fill out his or her defendant bail bonding application along with the guarantor’s application as well. Once Smith American Bail Bonds have verified the surety bond attached to the warrant and all documents have been completed along with the bail bond premium collected, the bail agent will respectfully proceed to the jail with the defendant to turn themself in.

Once the defendant goes through the process and the warrant has been cleared, the bondsman will send over all required bail bonding documents to the jail for the defendant’s release. This process is a little faster because you avoid travel time as far as not having to meet the bondsman after the defendant turns themself in due to starting the bonding process before surrender.

***This process will not allow incarceration to be avoided! Please Seek your attorney!

If you have a warrant, can you post bail before surrendering?

If an individual has a warrant for their arrest, the jail will not allow you to post your bond until you turn yourself in and go through the intake process. You cannot post bond without an active arrest warrant to avoid going to jail. If you have any arrest warrants and are trying to avoid jail, we recommend seeking legal counsel to further answer your question and have proper legal representation. Every case is different and has different outcomes. Different countries have different ways of processing.


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