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317-531-5447! How to Get an 8% Bail Bond! 24-Hour Bail Bonding! Bail Bonding Service Area

Bail Bonds
8% Bail Bond & 24-Hour Bail Bonding

Smith American Bail Bonds is the top 8% bail bonding agency in the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana. Today Smith American Bail Bonds is a respectable bail bonds agency and best known for its customer service. If you or someone is in need of 8% bail bonds just contact this bail bonding agency.

What Is an 8% Surety Bail Bond? When the judge sets a surety bond normally you would pay 10% of the face value of the bond. For example, if the bond is $50,000.00 10% you would pay $5,000.00 but if you go through Smith American Bail Bonds you would only pay an 8% premium of the face value of $50,000.00 dollars which would be $4,000.00. If you are in need of an 8% surety bond Smith American Bail Bonds is just one phone call away.

24-Hour Bail Bonding – Smith American Bail Bonds is also best known for being an honest bail bonding agency that provides 24-hour bail bonding service. No matter how late or how early Smith American Bail Bonds and its Bail Bondsman are always ready to bring your loved one home.

Bail Bond Service Areas

Indianapolis, Indiana

Boone, County Indiana

Hancock, Indiana

City of Lawrence, Indiana

Castleton, Indiana

Beech Grove, Indiana

Howard County, Indiana

Beech Grove, Indiana

McCordsville, Indiana

Avon, Indiana

Speedway, Indiana

Cumberland, Indiana

Hamilton County, Indiana

Brownsburg, Indiana

Out-of-State Bail Bonds

Pike Township, Indiana

Zionsville, Indiana

Fishers, Indiana

Greenwood, Indiana

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