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317-531-5447! What is a No Bond Hold?

When a person is arrested and taken to jail for a misdemeanor crime, in most cases, they can post bond after being processed into the jail’s database and local legal system. But in other cases, defendants can be placed under no bail bonds hold for various reasons. If you have a friend or a loved one in Marion County Jail and you are in need of an 8% Bail Bond or a Marion County Bail Bond Agent, call our office at 317-531-5447

for help right away!

No Bond
No Bond Hold

No Bail Bond Holds

If a person is arrested for a minor infraction or misdemeanor, and they have a relatively clean criminal record, they can generally post bond and get released from jail in as little as one hour. Depending on several variables, sometimes this applies to those arrested with:

· more complicated criminal histories

· higher misdemeanor charges

Low-level felony charges

Violent Crimes Affect a Bond

If a person is arrested for a violent crime, or serious felony crime, or has a history of fleeing, they may be denied bail altogether. But for those in between, there is a chance they could be placed under a no bail bonds hold until a judge decides otherwise.

What is a No Bail Bond Hold?

A no bail bonds hold means that a person has to see a judge before they can be released from jail on bond. They must wait in jail, or in a holding cell, for as long as it takes for them to be seen in court. Depending on current jail and courthouse traffic, this could take anywhere from one to thirty days, and now in the days of COVID-19, much longer.

No Bond
No Bond Hold

Probation Holds

The primary reason that probation holds occur is because a person is on parole or probation. In certain rare cases, when a person is on probation, they may still be given the right to bail if their crimes were minor or misdemeanors. In most cases, individuals will be placed under a temporary hold, like all others on probation or parole, until they are seen in court, at that point the court may or may not decide to lift the hold.

Hold for a Capital Offense

Another reason for a person to be placed under temporary bail bond hold is if they committed a capital offense. In the State of Indiana, capital offenses are crimes punishable by death. Since these are the most serious crimes, a person will be immediately placed on a no-bail bond hold and most likely be denied bail later on.

ICE Holds

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement also known as (ICE) holds used to be a common reason for no bail bond holds as well, however, not many counties still honor this. ICE holds are immigration holds for undocumented persons arrested for serious crimes. If a person were to have an ICE hold on them, they would also be placed on a no-bail bonds hold in jail.

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